Altai Krai will produce feed for the fish farming industry

В Алтайском крае будут производить корм для рыбоводческой отрасли

One of the largest agro-complexes of Altai Krai “Aleyskzernoproduct” is going to start feed production for the fish farming industry.

“We will produce feeds for fish. In 2015, the representatives of one of the companies of Siberia, which produce and    fish farm, took an interest in our project. We bought an additional extruder (equipment for the manufacture of feeds), which will produce several types of feeds. We         dare say that we are the only ones in Altai Krai who produce feed not only for productive animals, but also for fish and dogs,” said the General Director of the company Alla Starovoytova, and noted that the technologies will be developed in the near future.

According to the Governor Alexander Karlin, who visited the agro complex, for Altai Krai it is a very promising project, which will develop the industrial fish farming. “The feed production for aquaculture is a classic of import substitution. In the region, the development of fish farming was retarded, because we used the import feeds - it is determined by the high cost of our products. Today this production will provide import substitution,” said Alexander Karlin.

As previously reported, Altai Krai is going to substitute river and lake fish by 50% imported marine fish to the region. Today there are 14 fishery and 43 fish processing enterprises in the region.

By official website of Altai Krai

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