Governor Alexander Karlin: “In Altai Krai the rate of production of enterprises of agricultural mechanical engineering cluster has been increased by almost half last year”

Губернатор Александр Карлин: «В Алтайском крае в прошлом году объем производства предприятий кластера аграрного машиностроения был увеличен почти в полтора раза»

During “Medialog” the Head of the region told about the development of import substitution in Altai Krai. As part of this policy implementation in Altai Krai anti-crisis program was adopted last year. There are a lot of important investment projects in the region aimed at the launch of new and modernization of existing production facilities, which allows producing the new products for the region and to increase the production. “We are talking about an increase, in the first place, of the production of those goods and products, which we have imported from other countries – Europe, the United States and Canada,” said the Governor.

According to him, last year the rate of production of enterprises of agricultural mechanical engineering cluster has been increased by almost half in Altai Krai. “More specifically - 148 percent. This is just the replacement of what we imported from abroad: tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery,” pointed out the Governor.

The region cooperates with the St. Petersburg’s Tractor Plant. About 4 dozen tractors of the Altai assembly were established with a high degree of localization. “They have tires of our Altai production. And even today Tractor plant takes products of our tyre works in the main conveyor,” reminded the Head of the region. The region also established towed and forage machinery, and sowing machines.

Import substitution is also developed in the field of medicinal products. According to the Governor, there is the positive trend in the light industry. Most of the startups - in the field of leather production and its products. “We have already gone through the stage of preparation of design and estimate documentation, and the construction and installation works on the creation of a new leather production will be launched in Zarinsk this year. This is a classic story of import substitution. We exported outside the country hides and skins, imported leather and products. Now we actively work with potential investors, which could create several productions for the organization of further technological conversions. We are talking about footwear, furniture manufacturing and others,” the Head of the region gave an example.

High potential for development of import substitution - in the food industry, said Alexander Karlin. “In particular, this year we intend to further increase the production of sugar beet and, consequently, our own sugar in Altai Krai,” emphasized the Head of the region.

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