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Сладкий край – наш Алтай No celebration can do without cake, and we start our day with a cup of tea with cakes, cookies and other sweets. Few people keep cool to the confectionery. The products of confectionary industry are hardly classified as the basic food groups, but during the holidays there is growing demand on sweets. That is why the business related to the production of confectionery products has a rapid return on investment, low-risks, high profitability from 35 to 40%, which is good for the manufacturing industry.
At the end of 2015, the per capita consumption of confectionery products in Russia is about 22 kg per person per year. At the same time the consumption of chocolate is less than 4 kg per year (about 10 grams per day), flour confectionery products with a long shelf life - 8.8 kg per person per year (24 grams per day), caramel - 1.36 kg per year (3.7 grams per day).
The main markets of confectionery products produced in Russia are Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and the Central Asian countries.
In 2015, the cost of 1 kg of biscuits averaged 133.6 rubles in Russia, gingerbreads - 113.6 rubles, muffins and rolls - 219.1 rubles. Prices for these products have increased in the range of 18-21% during the past year.
The demand for flour confectionery products is growing in the population every year. That is why experts of the Altai Center of Investment and Development developed investment proposal to organize the production of flour confectionery products in the region.
Altai Krai has all the necessary resources for the further development of the confectionery production and increasing the range of products, taking into account the demand of the population. This contributes to a competitive reasonable price for raw materials, which are used in the production, as well as the region is one of the leading manufacturers of flour and dairy products. The region actively develops the cultivation of fruit and berry crops, which are further processed in all our favorite jams, which can be used for filling in the production of sweets.
The Krai ranks 1st in Russia in flour production (over 1 million tons), 15th in Russia in the production of eggs (over 1 billion eggs), 3rd place in Russia in the production of butter (over 19 thousand tons). It is the only region beyond the Urals that can produce sugar (more than 109 thousand tons per year). It provides a worthy raw materials base for the production of flour confectionery products.
Confectionery industry of Altai Krai currently has about 600 companies, the average annual capacity of which is 56.9 thousand tons. Bakery industry of the Krai is currently represented by 500 enterprises with a total capacity of 118.0 thousand tons. The largest enterprise of the Krai - confectionery company “Altai.”
Developed proposal by regional investment agency requires a relatively small amount of investments – 3.3 million rubles. The payback period is 4.5 years.
The investment proposal is a starting point for entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business and to organize new production.     If it is necessary, the Altai Center of Investment and Development can assist in the implementation of this project according to the rule of “one-stop shop.”

By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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