The agricultural enterprise “Oktyabrskoe” in the Zonal District of Altai Krai intends to implement a new crop

Новую культуру намереваются ввести в севооборот в сельхозпредприятии «Октябрьское» Зонального района Алтайского края

Specialists of the agricultural enterprise Oktyabrskoe are studying features of cultivation of new forage crop - sorghum. The director of “Oktyabrskoe” Alexey Babakov told about the experimental seed operation of the agricultural enterprise the Governor of Altai Krai Alexander Karlin.

According to him, in order to reduce the cost of milk the enterprise taps into the experience of other countries. “Milking herd in Oktyabrskoe - 630 animal units. For the first time in the history of the region we have received more than 8 thousand kilograms of milk from this herd in the last year. This is an important result for us. Now we need to reduce the cost of received milk. In this case the emphasis is on the food supply,” said Alexey Babakov.

That is why a new experimental ground has been opened in Oktyabrskoe this year. “We sow a new crop for Altai Krai - sorghum. While it is cultivated only on the grounds of the Altai Research Institute of Agriculture. Overseas sorghum - a widely used forage crop. We sow two sections of 25 hectares in two terms to observe how the crops will grow in our conditions, to choose the harvesting phase. I think the future is in this crop. For example, it exceeds corn in sugar content and in nutritional value,” said Alexey Babakov.

An important topic of the conversation of the Head of the region and the Head of the agricultural enterprise was the features of winter wheat cultivation in the region. The Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture of Altai Krai Vladimir Kazanin noted that agricultural enterprises of the Krai have actively engaged in winter crops. “This year there are 117 thousand hectares of winter crops in the region, the increase in 52 thousand hectares (about 40%) of winter wheat. It is very important that the cultivation of winter crops were in the steppe part of the region. We think that the area of winter crops in our region should be about 200 thousand hectares,” stated Vladimir Kazanin.

“We reproduce Altai sorts of seeds. Last year we sold our seeds in many regions - up to Pospeliha. Our seeds overwintered in the Tyumentsevsky, Mamontovsky, Pospelikhinsky Districts, so we expect extraordinary demand for winter crops. In our experimental ground we will hold a workshop, and will tell about the seeds, and about the features of the technology of winter crops cultivation,” said Alexey Babakov.


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