Companies of Altai Krai produce quality children's products

Компании столицы Алтайского края производят качественные детские товары

Since 2013, the number of companies, which produce children's products, has increased by 1.5 times and reached 52 companies. Entrepreneurs are actively implementing in the production the unique products. One of the segments of the production of children's goods - school clothes making. There are about 20 companies sewing such clothes in Barnaul - clothing factory “Avangard” and “Papa-Mama”, the companies “Altai vernissage”, “Altai tricotage”, “Interlock”, ZAO “Molodeznoye”, factory “Moye” and others.

Companies sew a variety of suits, jackets and vests for boys, and also skirts, sarafans, trousers, blouses, cardigans and vests for girls. The range of products of these enterprises is suitable for families with different income levels.        It will be recalled that in 2015 Altai Wholesale and Retail Center of School and Office Clothing appeared on the basis of clothing factory “Avangard” in cooperation with the Department of Industry and Energy of Altai Krai. It presents school uniforms made in Barnaul. The center helps to form a set of school clothes from products of different manufacturers. The press center of the Administration of Barnaul reported that already 61% of educational institutions of the region choose the clothing from the Altai manufacturers as school uniform. Last year the figure was 31%.

Modernization of existing equipment allows businesses to extend the possibility of manufacturing products. Thus, in 2015 additional equipment appeared in the hosiery factory “ArtiKul”, which enabled the company to begin production of products for children. The company “Mini-Me”, which won the grant to support social entrepreneurship in 2014, has grown to the extent of production and trade enterprise for two years. The company has a network of own production shops.

The Krai manufactures products for children and the food industry. This is the profile of the Joint Stock Company “Modest”. The product range consists of 22 products produced for children of all age groups. Products have no preservatives, food additives and stabilizers. The company produces unique products such as an adapted milk formula “Grudnichok”, “Bifilin-D", "Bifilin-M" and yogurt balanced on all components especially for children.

Also, specialists of the company “Renaissance Cosmetic” produces baby shampoo Ecotherapy kids, and a leading meat processing company of Barnaul “Altai sausages” offers sausages for children “Malyshok”. Pharmaceutical factory “Galen” is constantly working on expanding the range of fruit teas “Alfit-school.” As a result, it is worth noting that the Barnaul companies produce a range of products and goods for children, which satisfy all requirements and is suitable for families with different income levels.

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