Processing shows a positive dynamics in Altai Krai

 Переработка в Алтайском крае показывает положительную динамику

The results of the monitoring of the situation on the plants of food, processing, pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology were summed up for certain types of activity for January-May 2016.

In May 2016, Altai Krai has kept positive growth rates in the fruit and vegetables, oil and fat, flour-and-cereals industries, in the manufacture of prepared animal feeds, of other food products and beverage production. During this period, the dairy industry of the region has come to the positive dynamics of production. At the same time, the negative results of the production keep in the meat and fish industries.

According to the results of  January-May of 2016 the index of industrial production (IIP) of food products was 113.40%, the output of shipped goods of own production has exceeded by 4.9% compared to the previous year and has amounted to 41.6 billion rubles.

Output of products “processing and preserving of fish and seafood” by activity in January-May has amounted to 93.2% of the output of 2015. During May 2016 the rate of production in the industry rooted by 1.0 percentage point. Development of fish and fish processed and canned products amounted to 93.2% to the outputs of last year.

In the meat industry IIP was 98.6% in January-May 2016. During this period the rate of production was decreasing, and was 0.3 percentage points. The greatest influence on the slowdown in output of products in the meat industry has had a reduction in production of meat and offal by 1.4 percentage points in comparison with the period of 2015. The positive level of production in the industry keeps only for meat semi-finished products (103.4%). The output of meat and offal was 99.5% to the level of January-May 2015, 85.8% of sausages, 82.3% of canned meat.  

Output of products of fruit and vegetable industry in the current year retains a high rate; the production index for January-May amounted to 434.4% compared to the previous year. In comparison with the previous reporting period, the increase of production rates was 10.8 percentage points.

In January-May this year, the index of production amounted to 104.6% in the oil and fat industry. Production of crude oil outperforms by 11.3% of the same period of 2015, and refined vegetable oil by 1.3%. In addition, the production of mayonnaise was increased by 4.9 times.

IIP in the dairy industrywide amounted to 100.7% in January-May of the current year in comparison with the results of 2015. In May this year, the rate of output in the industry rooted by 0.8 percentage points compared with the previous year. The advanced dynamics is shown in the production of dairy products (104.5%), cheese and cheese products (101.8%) and whey powder (106.2%).

In January-May this year production index in the flour-and-cereals industry of Altai Krai was 103.6% compared to the same period of 2015, in May of this year, the output increased by 1.0 percentage point.

 “Production of prepared animal feeds” in January-May this year, IIP was 106.5% compared to 2015 by activity. In May this year, the growth rate of production was 1.0 percentage point. The positive results of this activity was ensured the growth of production of protein-vitamin supplements, feed mixes and concentrates, as well as prepared feeds for farm animals.

“Production of other food products” from January to May 2016 the industrial production index was 124.9%, which is 3.0 percentage points higher than the level of output in the previous reporting period. The high rates provided positive rates of production of complex food additives (138.1%) and the speed-up of the dynamics of pasta production in the past period (104.2%, increase to the previous reporting period amounted to 8.7 percentage points).

In January-May 2016 the rate of output “production of pharmaceutical products” by the activity accounted for 80.0% compared to the previous year, which is 1.5 percentage points more than the previous reporting period. The volume of shipped goods of own production of industry since the beginning of the year increased by 33.9% compared to January-May of last year and amounted to 1411.7 billion rubles. The positive results were shown in the production of vitamin preparations (128.9%), analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs (126.6%), antibiotics (119.3%), drugs containing alkaloids or their derivatives, but not containing hormones or antibiotics, other drugs (104.7%).


By the Department of Altai Krai for Food, Processing, Pharmaceutical Industries and Biotechnology

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