Altai Krai is a leader in a number of indicators of the National rating of investment climate

Алтайский край занимает лидирующие позиции по ряду показателей Национального рейтинга состояния инвестиционного климата

Regular meeting of the Organizing Staff (“Project Office”) on the implementation in Altai Krai “road maps” to improve the investment climate was held, where the results of the participation of Altai Krai in the National rating of investment climate in 2016 were considered.

According to the Deputy Governor, the Head of the Main Department of Economy and Investment Nicholay Chinyakov, Altai Krai is 49th out of 81 regions of Russia in the rating; it is the same 5th place in the Siberian Federal District.

The Krai is in the top in such parameter as “The Average Time of Registration of Legal Entities” (9 days), became the third according to the evaluation of the regional council activity to improve the investment climate, took fifth place in “Evaluation of the Authorities’ Activity for Registration of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions Involving Such Property.” It reduces the cadastral registration time (from 52 to 39 days), construction permit time (from 163 to 143 days) and the registration of property rights (from 20 to 11 days) were reduced.

“75% of the criteria of the Rating are questionnaires, and through the Rating we have received complex feedback from the business in the key areas of investment policy. Thus, entrepreneurs better estimate efficiency of the electrical connection, cadastral registration activity, availability of labor resources of necessary qualifications, credit resources. At the same time, in a number of directions of the Rating there is reduction of indices. We should concentrate on the constructive cooperation with the business community, feedback improvement, including the use of questioning persons who have applied for public services,” said Nikolay Chinyakov.

During the meeting, members of the Organizing Staff discussed the proposals to make a change in the Implementation Plan ( “road map”) aimed at improving the investment climate in Altai Krai on the basis of participation in the National rating. The Deputy Governor  has given the task to study the best practices of the leading regions for the inclusion of new specific measures in the regional “road map.” 

By the Main Department of Economy and Investment of Altai Krai

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