There is an increase in industrial production in Altai Krai

В Алтайском крае отмечается рост промышленного производства

In the first six months of 2016 the index of industrial production (IIP) amounted to 100.9%, which is 0.5 percentage points above the national average. The volume of shipped goods increased in comparison with January-June 2015 by 5%.

In the mining sector copper production volume increased in the nomenclature of polymetallic ores (by 36.4%). Also there was a level increase of last year in the gold mining (6.9%) and non-metallic building materials (15.5%).

In manufacturing industries the IIP was 100.6%, the volume of shipped goods increased by 3.2% and amounted to 115.9 billion rubles. In manufacturing sector there was a positive trend of IIP in manufacture of food products and beverages (111.8%), wood processing and manufacturing of wood products (105.4%), manufacture of machinery and equipment (103.9%), manufacture of leather, leather goods and footwear (303.6%).

In electricity generation and distribution, gas and water the IPP was 105.2%, the volume of products shipped by enterprises of this type of activity was 24.6 billion rubles, which was 15.9% more than in January-June 2015. Generation of electricity was exceeded in comparison with last year by 7.9%, heat energy - saved at the level of last year.


By the Main Department of Economy and Investment of Altai Krai

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