Leather cluster: here both small and medium-sized businesses can find their niche

Кожевенный кластер: здесь свою нишу сможет найти и малый, и средний бизнес

Today, among the promising investment projects of Altai Krai - the organization of production of leather products in the region, which may be associated with the leather processing company “Russian leather” in Zarinsk.

For the enterprise organization it is planned to purchase modern industrial equipment, which will increase the output of finished products, reduce waste and improve the efficiency of use of available resources. The raw material for this production will be raw hides of cattle, pigs and sheep. The production will focus on the use of regional raw materials. Igor Surin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GC “Russian leather”, has repeatedly noted that the choice of Altai Krai is determined by the growth of the livestock industry in the region and in Siberia as a whole. The company's products provide the raw materials market of Russia, including the SFD, and will be delivered to countries in Europe and Asia.

Participants of leather cluster can become not only large companies but also small and medium enterprises. “To create such productions, in which small and medium businesses would be actively involved, there are infrastructural sites and skilled personnel,” said the Deputy Governor, the Head of the Main Department of Economy and Investment Nicholay Chinyakov in March this year.

To implement projects on the territory of the leather cluster investment proposals were prepared for construction of a factory of leather shoes, production of leather furniture and leather goods.

Investment amount for production of leather shoes is more than 624 million rubles. Under the terms of the production program half a million pairs of leather shoes will be produced in the year. And the cost of one pair for today is highly accessible for the public - only 2500 rubles. At the same time the company's annual revenue will amount to 1.25 billion rubles.

In the context of the import substitution the implementation of projects of the leather cluster will meet the population needs of the Siberian Federal District, neighboring countries quality products with a wide range and represent the best value for money.


To ask questions and get more information on the above investment proposals you can contact the Altai Center of Investment and Development, tel.: (3852) 201-964, 201-965; e-mail: kau_invest@mail.ru.


By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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