President of the Russian Federation: As judged by what is happening in Altai Krai for infrastructure development, there is every reason to believe that the project “Belokurikha-2” will be implemented

Президент Российской Федерации: Судя по тому, что делается в Алтайском крае для развития инфраструктуры, есть все основания считать, что проект «Белокуриха-2» будет реализован

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held meeting of the State Council Presidium of the Russian Federation “On measures to improve the investment attractiveness of the sanatorium - resort complex in the Russian Federation” in Belokurikha on 26th August.

Opening a landmark for the industry and region of the State Council Presidium meeting President of Russia Vladimir Putin emphasized that “it will be helpful for everyone to look at what is in Siberia, what is done in Siberia, to exchange experience.” In Altai Krai the President of Russia visited many times. “I was here at the beginning of 2000s. There was water, radon is still here. Although debit is reduced, so it will develop a second resort “Belokurikha-2”, but the material base was, charitably speaking, in a completely bad state, was on the level of the thirties, in the best case - fifties. In recent years, both in appearance and in content it has changed very much there. Of course, it got better,” said the Head of state.

Vladimir Putin stressed that there are a lot of problems in the sanatorium- resort of the country. The meeting of the State Council Presidium gave the attention to discussing ways to solve them. Sanatorium-resort complex in our country developed as an integral part of the health care system. Thus, the regular health improvement in sanatorium – resort conditions helps significantly to increase lifetime: from 3 to 15 years. Sanatorium – resort complex is significant not only for health care, it is important for the economy of the country, for the development of transport infrastructure, services.

One factor limiting the development of this sector is the low level of development of material and technical basis of most resorts, pointed out the President of the country. “For the rehabilitation and modernization of existing sanatoriums it will need about 37 billion rubles. It is difficult to rely on the budget, so that the consolidation of financial resources and their active search - one of the most urgent tasks,” stated the President. Vladimir Putin emphasized that in the country there are also examples of modern well-equipped resorts. One such example is Belokurikha. “About 6 billion rubles were recently raised here -billion of federal funds and five billion rubles of private investment. There new promising investment project of subcluster “Belokurikha-2” are also realized, that includes a winter resort, and sanatorium. This resort is for 3 thousand tourists with well-developed infrastructure of recreation and health improvement, ski resort directly opposite the hotels. Investment project “Belokurikha-2” is implemented within the framework of the federal target program “Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation”, it received the award for the best project of the health resort in the international scientific congress and the 66th session of the General Assembly of the World Federation of Hydropathy and Climate Treatment in 2013. The project is good, it is necessary to shape up and implement it. As judged by what is being done to develop the infrastructure, there is every reason to believe that the project will be implemented,” stated Vladimir Putin.

The President of the country also outlined the priorities for discussion at the meeting. Among them - a wide range of practical measures for successful socio-economic development of the sanatorium-resort complex.


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