Replace vegetable imports

Заменить импорт овощей

Every year, Altai Krai produces more than 220 thousand tons of vegetables and only 9 million tons in the protected ground. According to the recommended standards of consumption the Krai needs about 120 thousand tons of vegetables. Lack of vegetables is partly compensated by imports. The leader of the imports of vegetables to the region is the Republic of Kazakhstan. As for cucumbers and tomatoes, China leads in the import of tomatoes, and of cucumbers - Kazakhstan.

To ensure the growing needs of people in the region and the SFD subjects in the eco-friendly vegetables in the off-season period, it is necessary for reducing their costs and employment of the population to build new modern energy-saving greenhouses, which allow double the yield of vegetables compared to current complexes.

Based on the potential assessment of the greenhouse vegetables market in Altai Krai, a niche in the amount of more than 15 thousand tons products per year is free. Market outlet (with fresh and eco-friendly product, low price) is quite favorable for local producers in terms of increase in sales volumes.

The investment proposal of building greenhouses of 10 hectares for the production of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes) and greens (onions, parsley, dill, lettuce, celery, arugula, spinach, etc.) was created for this segment of the market. In a relatively short period of the project - up to 1 year - you can establish complex, on the basis of which it is possible to grow 1.6 tons of tomatoes, 2.2 tons of cucumbers and 800 tons of greens. The total project budget amounts to about 1 billion rubles.


Expert comment


Maxim Skobov, the Head of the Economic Evaluation Division of the Altai Center of Investment and Development: “In the last few years there has been a trend of gradual rehabilitation of greenhouse vegetable production in our country, mainly due to the implementation of the government program for the agriculture development, as well as an increase in consumer demand. There is also an increase in the commercial interest of potential investors in the greenhouse business. This trend is supported by attractive financial results that may be obtained with the use of modern technologies for growing of plant in greenhouses, breeding species of greenhouse crops.”

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By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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