Sheep are not only valuable wool

Овцы – это не только ценная шерсть

Altai Krai rekindles the glory of the largest sheep-breeding region, which has a good selection base for breeding of pure-bred sheep. Over the past 10 years the number of sheep and goats has increased by 1.5 times in the region in 2016 and it was about 250 thousand animal units.

For the development of sheep farms departmental target program “Development of Sheep Farming in Altai Krai in 2011-2013 and for the Period up to 2020” was adopted, which aims to increase the number of sheep to 300 thousand animal units by the end of this period.

“Sheep farming of Altai Krai has demonstrated the positive dynamics of development in recent years,” said the Deputy Governor of Altai Krai Alexander Lukyanov.

Considering the market conditions, a lot of attention in the region is given to the breeding of sheep for wool and meat production. Sheep farming, as noted in the Altai Center of Investment and Development, undeservedly lost its importance in animal husbandry. The meat of sheep - one of the most inexpensive among farm animals, and wool - a very valuable product, from which the high-quality textiles are made. Furthermore, high quality cheeses are produced from the milk of sheep and goats: bryndza, suluguni, Roquefort cheese, etc. A large number of sheep's milk is processed into milk products.

Processing of sheep's wool ranks with other priorities of the development of light industry in the region as leather and flax processing production. Today, an activity plan is being developed in the region to stimulate sheep breeding and the development of entrepreneurial activities in the processing of wool. In Russia, its production totaled about 55 thousand tons last year, it accounts for less than one percent in Altai Krai. Whereas, the region has a good breeding base and fine-wool sheep give the highest rates for wool shearing.

Among the main problems of the industry experts consider the lack of facilities for primary processing of wool and equipment deterioration. It is also necessary to pay attention to such issues as the creation its own raw material base on the enterprises and the conclusion of agreements with farmers for the supply of raw materials. The existence of large processing enterprise will establish centralized purchase of hides and wool both in the population and in small farms.

Today, there are a number of companies in Altai Krai, which process wool and produce finished products made of sheep's wool and leather (valenki, pillows and blankets from the wool filler, specialized and children's shoes). Geographical distribution of the Altai products covers not only the domestic regional market, but also the entire Russian market (both neighboring and distant regions from Altai Krai), the markets of Kazakhstan and Mongolia.


Expert comment

According to Tatyana Tolmacheva, chief specialist of the Altai Center of Investment and Development, the main difficulties run into by Altai manufacturers related to a lack and quality of raw materials: “They are ready to work with local raw materials, if offers will be the right quality and the necessary volumes. Many wool producers buy it in other regions of Russia and in neighboring countries. At the same time, the companies have not experienced problems with the sale of the finished product, even taking into account the fact that the Chinese market is full of low-quality products and low price. In the future, many wool processing enterprises focus on the expanding the range of products.”

In order to promote the industry development of sheep breeding and processing sheep hides and wool the Altai Center of Investment and Development created investment proposals for the organization of plant of primary processing of sheep wool, and also production of a felt fabric and woolen fabric. The organization of such project would require investment financing from 24 to 40 million rubles with a maximum payback period of less than five years.

To ask questions and get more information on the above investment proposals you can contact the Altai Center of Investment and Development, tel.: (3852) 201-964, 201-965; e-mail:

By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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