Altai Krai will promote the region's products abroad under the new “road map”

Алтайский край будет продвигать продукцию региона за рубеж по новой «дорожной карте»

This Governor of Altai Krai Alexander Karlin said it in an interview with news agency TASS at the International Investment Forum “Sochi-2016”. According to the agency, the “road map” for the development of exports was developed in Altai Krai, it is very important for the region, which has a positive balance for the sale of local products outside its territory and the country for a long time, said Alexander Karlin in the interview with reporters, said the official website of Altai Krai.

“We deal with the near and far abroad, Korea, China, South-East Asia buy our food. We have developed the road map for the development of our export potential, for import substitution, and according to this map, we intend to continue actively promote products to foreign markets. We actively sell our products of Altai Tyre Plant abroad, actively trade chemical products, which are produced in our facilities, for example – “Kuchuksulphate”, said Alexander Karlin.

He emphasized that sanctions and counter-sanctions had a very positive impact on the quality of    foreign trade activity. According to the results of 2015 there were structural changes with a total turnover growth – in the total turnover exports - 75%, and imports - 25%. Moreover, as the Governor noted, the share of food is a significant part of exports today because of the specialization of the agricultural region - exports accounted for 30% of food in 2015. “Yes, it is a significant, but not the prevailing part, but we only supply the finished food products, we do not supply grain - we process and sell flour, cereals, pasta and finished products abroad, 80 thousand tons were sold last year”, said the Head of the region.

As noted in the Department of Altai Krai for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Market Infrastructure, the decision was adopted to create the regional roadmap “Development of export and transit and logistics activities in Altai Krai” in April 2016. In fact, it is a set of measures to create a favorable business climate in the development of export activities in the region with a regional export support system, a simplified export procedure, assistance in the promotion of goods to foreign markets. During the implementation of “road map” it is planned to create and implement a support systems for priority export destinations in 2016-2020, as well as to expand the list of measures of government support for local exporters.

“A separate part of the “road map” is aimed at solving the issues on creation of equal competitive opportunities for exporters, reduction of overhead costs and time processing of the export of goods from the country and the exports development of highly processed agricultural products”, summed up in the Department.

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