Altai Krai leads in the production and consumption of dairy products in Siberia

Алтайский край лидирует в Сибири по производству и потреблению молочных продуктов

The National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko) together with the Russian Public Opinion Research Center conducted a nationwide survey, which showed that 87% of Russians regularly include milk or dairy products in their ration. However, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, the average consumption of milk in the country is still significantly lower than the recommended rate of 325 kilograms per person per year. In the Siberian Federal District, this norm is fulfilled only by the residents of Altai Krai, said the official website of Altai Krai.

Based on the research findings of “Soyuzmoloko” held within the framework of social educational program “Three dairy products per day”, 57% of Russian citizens consume dairy products every day, another 30% do it once or several times a week, 8% - once two weeks and less, and 4% of respondents do not consume dairy products.

The result - if the recommended norm was fulfilled by three regions in 2014 (the Republic of Tatarstan, Altai Krai and The Karachay-Cherkess Republic), there were only two regions- Tatarstan and Altai Krai in 2015.

Today, the dairy industry of Altai Krai do not only fully satisfy the demand of the population of the Krai on the most types of dairy products, but also has a high potential for the supply of these products in other regions of the country and abroad, noted in the Regional Department for the Food, Processing, Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnologies.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Altai Krai produces almost 600 kilograms of milk and dairy products per capita in the region. Self-sufficiency of the Krai of this type of food exceeds 142%. In the Siberian Federal District, Altai Krai - a definite leader, not only in the production of milk, but also in its consumption. The production outputs of dairy products per capita in the region double the average production in the Siberian Federal District, and they are consumed by residents of Altai Krai almost 32% more than the average Siberian.

Thus, Altai Krai continues to increase production of dairy products. According to the Department of the Krai for Food, Processing, Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnologies, the dairy products production index in Altai Krai amounted to 101.5% for eight months of this year in comparison with the results of 2015. Outperformance was received in the production of dairy products (104.4%), butter (102.7%), milk and cream in solid forms (107.9%), ice cream and frozen desserts (101.3%).

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