Nikolay Chinyakov: IT-industry is actively developing, and the most interesting and promising areas of technology adoption in the region's economy are discussed in the Forum

Николай Чиняков: IT-отрасль активно развивается, и на форуме обсуждают самые интересные и перспективные направления внедрения технологий в экономику региона

Yesterday, Altai IT-Forum was opened in Barnaul, informed the Main Department of Economy and Investment. The Deputy Governor, the Head of Department of Economy and Investment of the Altai Krai Nikolay Chinyakov told about the achievements of the industry and prospects in the context of the regional economy.

“IT-industry is actively developing, and the most interesting and promising areas of technology adoption in the region's economy are discussed in the Forum. Managers and owners of large industrial enterprises are interested in IT-services. A number of industrial companies are already possible to give an example of how to implement these services. Demand from the real sector of the economy will continue to grow”, said the Head of the Main Department of Economy and Investment. IT-technology helps the owners of tourism enterprises to promote tourism products and create comfort for the customers.

Information technologies are being also actively introduced in agriculture. The Deputy Governor emphasized their role in our agricultural krai: “IT-technologies help in production planning, logistics, control of the harvest. For example, there are drones that monitor and determine place and necessary number of fertilizers. There are many possibilities - monitoring crop conditions, and even tracking the use of combustibles and lubricants. Many of our agricultural producers are very interested in it. And we will pay attention to this issue, not only in the Forum today, but also in the Day of Agricultural Worker, on October24.”

“IT-Forum gives answers to the questions about the implementation of IT-technologies in all spheres of economy of Altai Krai. And is is our future. The introduction of modern technologies allows us to change the planning, management and logistics. It is also worth noticing the theme of the development of IT-technologies in the provision of state services. Practically all executive authorities are now working hard to introduce advanced developments. This is the case of health care, and education, and housing and communal services. The Forum will provide a good basis to work in the course of the year and at the next IT-Forum to be onwards and upwards”, he stated. “I am confident that the IT-industry will be one of the most important sectors of the regional economy and help create new jobs”, summed up Nikolay Chinyakov.

Background information. Altai Regional IT Forum - one of the largest industry events in the sphere of information technologies in the region. Every year it brings together more than 500 participants: managers and IT specialists of enterprises and organizations of various spheres of activity, as well as representatives of manufacturers and suppliers of IT equipment and software, representatives of IT companies.

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