The farm of Altai Krai has grown first crop of amaranth

В хозяйстве Алтайского края вырастили первый урожай амаранта

In one of the farms of the Kalmansky District gathered the first crop of amaranth. The culture was planted as an experiment this year. At the average 20 centners of grain per hectare were harvested in autumn.

Amaranth is grown on feed as high-protein crop in Altai Krai, which allows to increase the productivity of farm animals. Processing enterprises producing foods for a healthy diet plan to implement amaranth grain. Not only Russian but also foreign processors take an interest in this raw material.

Background information. Using amaranth in feeds makes feeding animals more complete and balanced amino acid composition. With a huge deficiency of feed protein and vitamins in animal farming amaranth plays an important role as a high-protein feed crop.

The great advantage of amaranth over fodder crops is a high biological productivity. Protein of amaranth leaves is one of the best for animals, especially for pigs, according to amino acid balance. This culture is drought hardy, has the water need in the 2-2.5 times less than legumes and cereals. Amino acid content in 1 kg of dry basis of vegetative mass is variable from 81,5g to 148,0g, and amaranth protein is characterized by a high content of indispensable amino acids. 1 kg of dry basis of vegetative mass contains 7,1-7,15g lysine and 2,8g corn, i.e it is 2.4 times less.

The following positively characterizes the amaranth as a feed culture: low dietary fibre content 16-20%, the concentration of water-soluble sugars 6,4-7,2%, and pectin 9,5-11,3% by dry weight.

Amaranth can be grown in the green mass as a component of pastures. The inclusion of amaranth green mass in rations of 2-4 month piglets, replacement gilts, dry, pregnant sows had increased their productivity by 12-18%.


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