Alexander Karlin: “Presenting our region, we are primarily talking about its openness and willingness to cooperate”

Александр Карлин: «Представляя наш регион, мы, прежде всего, говорим о своей открытости и готовности к сотрудничеству»

October 26, presentation of the investment potential of Altai Krai held at the site of the Association of European Businesses in Moscow.

The event was attended by the Governor of Altai Krai Alexander Karlin, the Head of the Department of Altai Krai for Tourism, Recreation, Interregional and International Relations, Yuriy Zakharov, the Head of the Department of Altai Krai for Food, Processing, Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnologies Tatiana Zelenina, CEO of Rubtsovsky Spare Parts Plant Stanislav Kedik and Chairman of Altai Precision Components Plant Viktor German.

The Association of European Businesses presented the CEO of this organization Shauff Frank, Vice Chairman of the Board Olga Bantsekina, Executive Director Ruslan Kokarev, Board Member Paul Brook, as well as the delegation of the diplomatic corps and European manufacturers.

The Governor Alexander Karlin presented the investment potential of Altai Krai with a welcome speech.


“The region annually maintains its position as one of the Russia's largest livestock producers, which meets all the standards of quality, safety and ecological properties. The Krai organized all the conditions for the creation of a full cycle of production of such products: from the rising and breeding of livestock to final product manufacture to the consumer.


Velvet antlers reindeer is more popular both in Russia and in the Krai. Altai velvet antler eco-products are exported in the Russian regions and foreign countries. All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Velvet Antlers Reindeer promotes this activity,” informed the Head of the region.

Alexander Karlin made a point of the development of projects within the cluster formations. The region successfully uses the cluster approach in the organization of the leading companies of the region. It is the first Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster in the country. Companies in the cluster produce more than 1,000 types of pharmaceutical products, some of them are the only producers in Russia of such substances as potassium chloride, sodium carbonate, Naphthyzin and many others. “For the development of biotechnology products the region has a unique bio-raw material. Bioproducts of the Krai are in high demand and are known in the international market,” said the Governor of Altai Krai.

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Participants of the presentation reviewed with the work of the Administration of the region for the state support of priority investment projects. The region is planning to create priority social and economic development areas in monotowns Zarinsk and Novoaltaisk for the successful implementation of projects, reducing the payback period. They will offer favorable conditions for all investors, including the reduction of tax, insurance liabilities, the cost of renting land, simplification of procedures connecting to power and heat supply systems.

In addition, with the signing general agreements between Altai Krai and the Development Monotowns Fund it became possible the financial borrowing from the Fund for the co-financing of Altai Krai’s expenses on creation of infrastructure in mono towns of Altai Krai, as well as the financing of investment projects at a preferential interest rate - 5% per annum.


“Today, the Krai established a large base of priority investment projects that have been tested and prepared for implementation in Altai Krai. Presenting our region, we are primarily talking about his openness and willingness to cooperate,” concluded Alexander Karlin.

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