Union of Oils and Fats of Russia intends to cooperate with Altai Krai in the preparation of oilseeds production development program

Масложировой союз России намерен сотрудничать с Алтайским краем при подготовке программы развития производства масличных культур

This was stated by Executive Director of the Russian Union of Oils and Fats Mikhail Maltsev after a meeting of the International Club of Agribusiness.

During the event, Governor Alexander Karlin made a presentation of innovative potential of Altai Krai. The report of the official website of Altai Kraisays that the speech of the region was of great interest of experts, wherefore many participants appealed to the speaker with questions and suggestions, including the Executive Director of the Russian Union of Oils and Fats Mikhail Maltsev.

“Union of Oils and Fats is preparing a program of industry development up to 2030, where increase of oil products’ volumes is in the priority, and Altai Krai has a huge potential in the cultivation of oilseeds. During the discussion of ways of industry development of farms in Altai, we have arrived at a common view that the implementation of the agricultural potential of the region is possible both through the expansion of acreage and crop rotation optimization, as well as through the introduction of innovations to increase productivity of oilseeds, especially soybeans. We will offer different approaches and as the program is ready to discuss them in relation to the interests of Altai Krai,” said Mikhail Maltsev aboyt the results of his participation in the meeting of the International Club of Agribusiness.

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