Altai agricultural machinery goes to Kyrgyzstan

Алтайская сельхозтехника едет в Киргизию

Altai company «VELES» organized the first supply of agricultural machinery to Kyrgyzstan. In November, 2016 the first shipment of spring harrows has been made to this country. Interest in VELES products appeared in 2015, when the commercial director of JSC “TD “Veles”, Alexey Latushkin in the delegation of Altai Krai visited Kyrgyzstan within the framework of trade and economic mission.

Average spring harrow VELES is a modern wide-instrument, which will increase the productivity of farmers in more than 3 times at the same time and a proportional reduction in overhead costs. Because Kyrgyzstan's climate is dry, use of spring harrow will be most effective to work on sprouts. Harrow spuds surface soil crust, as a result of which topsoil structure is restored without damaging the crops.

According to Maxim Ostapenko, director of development of JSC “TD “Veles”, spring harrows VELES are universal and effective tools for all soil and climatic conditions. However, the company plans - further structural and technological adaptation of VELES machinery to natural and production conditions of Kyrgyzstan. “Our goal - the fullest satisfaction of the specific requirements of Kyrgyz farmers to tillage equipment,” said Maxim Ostapenko.

Background information. The company “VELES” is part of a Altai Agricultural Engineering Cluster. The company specializes in the production of agricultural machinery and supplies its products to the Russian and foreign markets.

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