Gross grain harvest has exceeded 5.2 million tons in Altai Krai

Валовой сбор зерна в Алтайском крае превысил 5,2 миллиона тонн

In 2016, the gross grain harvest has exceeded 5.2 million tons in Altai Krai. It ranks the fourth among the regions of Russia.

At the end of the agricultural season the biggest gross grain harvest was fixed in the Rodinsky District. Local agrarians harvested nearly 204 thousand tons. 176 thousand tons of grain were received by farms of the Tselinny District, 172 thousand tons - Shipunovsky agricultural producers. The fourth result from farmers of the Aleysky District with grain yield in 164 thousand tons of grain. The Topchikhinsky District ranked fifth in the grain harvest with 162 thousand tons.

The ten districts with the highest grain yield - Kytmanovsky, Mamontovsky, Rebrikhinsky, Kamensky, Romanovsky Districts. 19 districts harvested in total more than 100 thousand tons of grain in this year.

The leading role belongs to the grain growing, which is the basis of the entire food industry, in the structure of crop production in the region. The Krai is in the top five Russian regions in production volumes of grain and, primarily, high-quality wheat, and grain field of the region is the largest in the country.

The main areas of grain processing in the region are the production of flour and cereals. The grain processing capacity, strong demand for wheat, especially durum, both in the domestic market and outside the region, determines the prospects, economic and social significance of the crops production.

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