Demand for Altai wood products is steadily growing

Demand for Altai wood products is steadily growing

This is evidenced not only data on exports of timber and wood products, as well as the facts of realization of investment projects in processing and wood processing in the Altai Territory.

The region has several production companies processed and deep processed of wood.

In 2016, in the holding company “Altayles” production output has increased by 10% compared to the same period of 2015. The growth of the main indicators stems from increased demand for wood production in the domestic market. The priority direction of the company “Altayles” is the deep wood processing.

“Altai-Forest” is successfully implementing the program of one hundred percent use of the wood pulp. The enterprise has implemented the investment project on waste from timber sawing, deep wood processing plant was put into operation, which produces more than 30 kinds of products with high processing of European quality. The company launched particleboard plant (with capacity of 70 thousand cubic meters per year), line for the production of wood pellets was started with a capacity of 24 tons of finished products per day.

“Wood products in the Altai region are mainly represented by the particleboard. Altai Krai lacks large-scale production, for example, OSB boards and MDF at the moment, although, there is a large resource base for the organization of such enterprises and, in general, the development of other areas of wood, such as plywood production,” said Svetlana Shishkina, economist of Altai Center of Investment and Development.

“Biysk plywood plant” produces plywood in region. This is one of the few companies, which produces100% of birch plywood. Production capacity of the plant is 25 thousand cubic meters per year. The company delivers goods to the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts.

Rapidly developing areas in the wood processing is low-rise wooden house construction. Compared to the 2015 commercial output in this segment Altai processors produced 2% more. Houses from glued laminated lumber are in steady demand in St. Petersburg, Moscow, regions of Siberia and the Far East, as well as neighboring countries, primarily, in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Data on the modernization of wood processing enterprises and opening new production facilities show the development of the industry. On the basis of “Bobrowsky lesokombinat” (Bobrowsky wood plant) factory of prefabricated building was founded according to the Scandinavian technology with capacity of 120 houses per year. The LLC “Sodruzhestvo” (included in the structure “Altayles”) launched a plant for the production of complete sets of wooden houses from glued laminated lumber with capacity of 200 houses per year, the regional enterprise “Altaykrovlya” started plant of prefabricated building with capacity of 600 houses from 50 to 150 square meters in area per year.

The close cooperation with the countries of the Asian region and the neighboring entities of the Russian Federation promotes wood processing development in the region. Wood of Altai Krai, wood products, are traditionally exported to the sparsely wooded areas in the Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan), the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iran).

According to the Altai Customs, there are about 97% of products from wood processing included in the structure of export of wood from the Krai. Round timber were exported just over 3% in 2016. For 10 years, the export of round timber has decreased by several times.

Deepening the timber processes allows producing products with high added value. It also affects the process of preservation of jobs in the municipalities of the region, more than 50 of which are involved in the wood sector. In addition, this fact promotes to increase the budgets of different levels.

Background information. Cutting area of ​​ Altai Krai is more than 6.5 million cubic meters, about third part of it is coniferous forests. Forest lands are located in an area of ​​4.5 million hectares, including wooded 3.7 million hectares.

The predominant species on forest lands are deciduous, which occupy more than 59% of the area. The share of softwood accounts for about 41%.

Available forest resources can be used in the manufacture of various wood-based panels (MDF, particleboard, OSB), laminate flooring, door linings and furniture panels.

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