OJSC «Barnaulskij vagonoremontnyj zavod» produces the first industrial batch of hopper car 19-9950 model to grain transportation

The 30th of December, was the solemnly opening of new production of hopper car 19-9950 model at the «Barnaulskij vagonoremontnyj zavod».

Launch of the first hopper cars for grain transportation is a significant event not only for this factory, as a fact of successful development and modernization of the «Barnaulskij vagonoremontnyj zavod», but also for the all Altai region in general, as new scale production – is supplementary new jobs, vacancy, strengthening the position of socially responsible regional employer, perspective opportunities for the industrial sector of economy.

Victor Meshcherjakov, the Head of the Administrative Board of Industry and Energy of Altai region, participated the ceremony of launch the new production of OJSC «BVRZ» and handed diplomas to employees of this company.

Reference: OJSC «Barnaulskij VRZ» (a part of «Taltec» company) is the one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Altai region. Apart from the traditional car-repair activity, the factory mastered the production of its own models of freight rolling stock. In 2007 year were launched the first half-car 12-9780 model, autumn 2013 were received the certificates of conformity for hopper car to grain transportation and for hopper car to chemical fertilizers transportation. 

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