Production of construction materials was increased in the Altai region

В Алтайском крае увеличилось производство строительных материалов
About that the Head of the region Alexander Karlin reported today at the 27th session of the Legislative Assembly of the Altai region.
According to Alexander Karlin, the volume of construction works for the past year exceeded 30 billion rubles (IFO – 100.3 %). As well, the volume of its own construction materials production was increased significantly.
Over 663 thousand square meters of housing, including 350 thousand square meters - the individual housing were commissioned in 2013. During the year more than 9.6 thousand families solve their housing problems due to new construction, which is the main index of result in this sphere.
By the volume of commissioned housing region holds 6th place among the Siberian Federal District, by the volume of commissioned housing of people – third place – and leading (for several years) by the volume of housing built in the countryside.
In Altai region was introduced about 5 million square meters of housing – it is 1.5 times more than in the previous eight-year (3.3 million square meters) for the period of 2006-2013.
«We support the development of individual building, – said Alexander Karlin. – For these purposes was provided 2251 land areas with total area of ??330 hectares in 2013, half of them – for free», – he said.
According to the Governor, the pilot project of building 160-flats house for employees of medical cluster institute is realizing to form the rental market. Its realization will begin this year (42 million rubles were provided in the regional targeted investment program for 2014).
The region is actively used a complex approach to the development of territories with all necessary engineering and social infrastructure. It is formed a kind housing clusters. Today such areas are more than 300 hectares, and the planned amount of input – 1.5 million square meters of housing areas.

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