Altai products - a real alternative to imported food

Алтайские продукты – реальная альтернатива импортному продовольствию

Food manufacturing, processing and pharmaceutical industries of the Altai territory are increasingproduction volumes. First of all, this is connected with the all-round development of each link of food and agricultural sector in the region - from the provision of raw material to the introduction of safety quality management in manufacturing.

In this connection, the positive changes are observed in the development of the export potential of the Altai producers. The Altay territory is one of the leading regions in Russia, which actively implements the policy of food security. Due to the large volume and the high quality of food, the Altai region firmly achieved the leading positions and it is the guarantor of the country's food security.

There are no more than 30% of manufactured products in the Altay territory, and the rest of products are exported outside. Foods are needed and compete in terms of price and quality. Action taken by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, to ban the import into the country of certain types of foreign products, raw materials and food, should serve as an incentive for manufacturers to increase the Altai in production of high quality natural foods instead prohibited to import unsafe products.

At present, the Altai products with a long shelf life, such as flour and cereals, seed oil, cheese and butter, products of plant and animal materials are available both in the domestic and the international market.

For example, Altay honey is implemented in Japan, the USA and Canada. Also products of the millers are exported to the Asian continent. Seed oil is supplied to Lithuania, Latvia and the CIS countries. Company-producers of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements actively expand the geography of their supplies.

By the Office of the Altai Territory of food manufacturing, processing and pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

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