Altai Territory is ready to increase the supply of flour, macaroni, cereals, oils and cheeses to the regions of the Russian Federation

Алтайский край готов увеличить поставки муки, макарон, круп, масла и сыров в регионы РФ

The decision to ban food imports fr om certain countries of the West will stimulate the implementation of the agricultural potential of the Altai Territory. This is livestock development and possibilities for plough land. Altai arable land is the largest land in Russia (6.5 million hectares) and about 5 million hectares were sown this year.

Altay region is already supplying agricultural products to countries in Central and South-East Asia, particularly, in Mongolia. At the same time, the region still has undeveloped potential to provide the population of the country with flour, macaroni and cereals. Although the region already holds a dominant position in many kinds of products in the Russian market.

For example, in 2013 there were produced a record amount of flour in the Altay territory - 1.5 million tons, and buckwheat - 155 thousand tons. The volumes of milk and dairy products, which were produced in the region, also exceed the needs of the population of the Altai Territory. Furthermore, the region produces about 70,000 tons of cheese.

Livestock is one of the areas of the region, on which the using of sanctions can have a positive influence.

The region has great potential in fruit production. The Altay region has 5,000 hectares of industrial gardens, small farms, garden associations, as well as plots of land wh ere citizens can even grow grapes.

The regional authorities seriously intend to work with the federal government to support agriculture in the region. In 2014 the support will be about 4 billion rubles for agricultural producers and about 1.9 billion rubles they will send to the village on the development of infrastructure. Development of the gas sector, housing, development of water supply should also have a positive impact on the development of the agricultural sector, according to temporarily acting Governor.

"I consider we'll be able to make a real import substitution. In this case, it should meet two criteria - in terms of volume and quality and price availability must be maintained,” summed up temporarily acting Governor of the Altai Territory.

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