The Altai territory is the leading region of providing nutrition in Russia

Алтайский край ведущий регион в обеспечении питания населения России

It was emphasized by Deputy Chief of the department of agriculture of the Altai Territory Mikhail Chmyrev during the discussions in all round tables about the role of the Altai Territory in the food supply in the region and the country owing to the introduction of restrictions on the import of products from several foreign countries.

“If we talk about the production of food raw materials and food products in the Altai region, then everyone knows that the Altai territory is one of the leading regions of the Russian Federation for the production of grain. We are in third place in the country in terms of milk production, in ninth place in terms of livestock and poultry production, and the production of beef is in third place. By the number of cattle it is in fourth place in the country, by the number of pigs - the fourth, by the number of horses - the third place,” said Mikhail Chmyrev.

The Altay territory is one of the important regions in the development of Russia's food security, one of the ten main agricultural country’s subjects exporting agricultural products of different types and providing full nutrition of the Russian population.


By the General Department of Agriculture of the Altai Territory


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