Altai region supplied more than 100 cows to Sakhalin

Более 100 коров поставил Алтайский край на Сахалин

Within the inter-regional agreements with the Government of Sakhalin Oblast Altay region supplied to Sakhalin 112 heads of young pedigree cattle (Hereford).

"The first transportation of cattle to Sakhalin was conducted by trucking; animals were ferried and spent in transit about 10 days. Nowadays young pedigree cattle beef is quarantined,” said the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture. Cattle were delivered to Smirnyhovskiy district (central part of Sakhalin) on livestock complex Sakhalin Ltd. "APIS", the report said. The best animals of the Altai territory were sel ected: the middle weight of heifer was 430 kg, breeding bull calf - 690 kg. In February and March of next year it is expected to receive the first animal yield.  

In accordance with the state program of regional agricultural development, there is compensation 90% of the value of breeding animals fr om the regional budget for agricultural enterprises of the region.

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