Altay honey will appear on store shelves in France and Japan

Алтайский мед вскоре появится на полках магазинов во Франции и Японии

Honey processor of the region - Medovik of Altai - delivered the first batch of the Altai honey to Japan in the volume of 2 tons. According to company’s representatives, brand product will be realized through the largest teleshopping in the country, where it was launched a large-scale advertising campaign of the Altai branded product in November. In the Land of the Rising Sun honey will be sold in 100 grams packing. This volume is conditioned by the Japanese consumer culture, where the honey is not considered as attribute of everyday life, but as a delicacy. Residents of Japan prefer light honey.

Representatives of teleshopping stake on the appearance of the finished product: its packing and design. Next week the second batch of 2.5 tons will be sent in Japan. According to the manufacturers, it will depend on demand: if advertising is effective in shopping centers and Altay honey is actively bought, they will be ready to increase the amount of supplied product. We would like to remind that an agreement with the participants of the Japan delegation was reached during their stay in the Altai region in the summer when they visited Aleysky, Kalmansky and Charyshsky Districts, had a look at the production of honey and talked with local beekeepers and processors, and also tasted the best types of Altai honey.

LLC "Medovik of Altai" does not stop on that and continues to expand sales markets of famous product. Thus, representatives of the French company already expect honey samples of the first batch from the Altai producer of honey. The preliminary cooperation agreement has already signed with foreign partners. Honey from Altai supplier will be sold with the obligatory indication of the place of origin. Thus, the local product will further strengthen the brand "Altai honey". At the present time the products of beekeepers of Altai Territory are supplied in Kazakhstan, Canada, Germany and the United States.

        By the General Directorate of the Altai Territory of food manufacturing, processing and pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

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