“Alive” green buckwheat was produced in the Altai region

В Алтайском крае выпустили «живую» зеленую гречку

Altai manufacturer "AgroFlax" presented range of grains and seeds for germination and wholeground grain under the brand "Lifestyle". New items are available in packages with a volume of 0, 5 to 25 kilograms.

"The raw materials, which are used in the production process, are only Altai. The assortment of grains and seeds for germination includes 11 items: green buckwheat, peas, naked oats, and oats in the shell, elite wheat, winter rye, flax seed, Altai lentils, sunflower kernel, naked barley and barley in the shell. According to the company's management in the future the line will be expanded", said in the General Directorate of food manufacturing, processing and pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.

There are eight products in the series of whole ground grain: flour from green buckwheat, pea, flax, oats, wheat, rye, sunflower and barley flour. There is traditional food mixed with the "alive" foods: pancakes, thick pancakes, crackers and more.

"The company’s specialists use technologies that allow products to be "alive". For example, the raw materials are treated thermally, that allows saving all the nutritional properties and components. The company's specialists also do a unique organic decontamination of raw materials using ozone. This technology completely safely allows cleaning grain from microbes, mold and pests ", explained in the department. The company's products are already being implemented in 20 regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. It is particularly popular in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

By the official website of Altai Territory

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