Stolypin Conference in Altai: municipalities share their experience

Stolypin Conference in Altai: municipalities share their experience

Everyone can learn about the investment activity of the municipality and on what projects promising to develop on its territory on 4th September in the presentation of investment potential of municipalities, which will be held in the framework of the VI Stolypin Conference “Economy of Siberia: the choice of space for further development.”

According to the Head of the Department of the Economy and Investment Nicholay Chinyakov this year Stolypin Forum will be held in the new format, most focusing on the theme of investment. In particular, the Fair of investment projects will be organized, which will allow entrepreneurs, including those who have been operating in the municipalities of the region, to present investment projects the widest audience, investors, and also to find partners. The four municipalities - Barnaul, Zarinsk, Zavyalovsky and Pavlovsky Districts will hold a presentation of their investment potential. The investment development, promising directions of the economy and projects will be told by the first persons of municipalities of the region, which for the first time will present an interactive format to present data on investment, entrepreneurial activity, state support measures, implemented projects, and also the priorities of the economic development of territories and they will answer guests' questions.

Zavyalovsky District: about tourism and not only

Zavyalovsky District - is an amazing and original area with unique nature, which is known far beyond the borders of Altai Krai. The wealth of natural resources creates all conditions for rest and wellness. There are a large number of small and large salty, fresh and alkaline lakes with a total area of ​​about 24 hectares, the so-called “330 Zavyalovsky lakes.” This season in Zavyalovo a record was set - on 25 thousand people visited three lakes. Useful medical resources (sulfide muds, brine and blue clay) are as good as the healing properties of the Dead Sea gifts. Treatment of mud, salt and mineral water gets rid of diseases and provides a long-term supply of energy. In the field of tourism it is actively developing comprehensive recreational services, including those related to water bodies. Among the priority directions for tourism development - health and wellness year-round and seasonal tourism, event tourism, hunting and fishing tourism. Annually ten thousands of people come fr om all over Russia in Zavyalovsky District, and the flow of tourists increases every year. Due to the high demand for tourist services for Zavyalovo executive authorities of the region with the investment agency of Altai Krai has developed the concept of “Development of sanatorium-resort complex in the territory of Zavyalovsky District.” In the district there are all conditions for investment in tourism projects and infrastructure. However, Zavyalovo is not only one of the centers of the Altai tourism, but also one of the largest agricultural producers in Altai Krai. The municipal development program for small and medium-sized businesses implements in Zavyalovsky District, which includes the expansion of entrepreneurs' access to financial resources. Beautiful fields, thorough crop and livestock base allow farms of the district to increase the output of produced agricultural raw materials and processed products: meat, dairy products, fish, cereals and processed grain, forage crops. Among the promising directions for the implementation of agricultural projects in Zavyalovo are recently fish farming, sheep breeding, poultry farming and processing of agricultural raw materials, including the use of biotechnological methods. For more information about the district can be obtained at the presentation of the investment potential of municipalities.

Barnaul - the center of business activity

The administrative center of Altai Krai is known as the cultural and historical, scientific and educational center, a major medical cluster, and, of course, as an industrial city. The largest regional enterprises of food, processing, heavy and light industry are in the regional capital. Products of Barnaul’s enterprises are realized not only at the city level, but also abroad. City enterprises of the food industry make a significant contribution to food security of the region. The enterprises produce 70% of the regional output of vegetable oils, more than 60% of processed fish products, confectionery products, 40% - dairy products, cottage cheese, mineral water, meat products, sausages, and 30% - bread. A significant concentration of human resources, scientific and innovative potential, the presence of a large industrial experience, good geographical location - all these make the administrative center of the region as promising area for investment. In 2014 the economy of the municipality received more than 55 billion rubles of investments – it is more than half of all investments in the economy of Altai Krai in the past year. A promising direction of ​​industrial development of the city is the integration of Barnaul’s enterprises in agricultural clusters created at the regional level, and also innovative and high-tech productions and projects aimed at import substitution. In recent years, in the administrative center more than 78 new productions were opened, 120 city investment projects received grants, and 262 business entities received state financial support. Numerous historical sites, monuments, cultural heritage sites and modern culture and leisure centers show significant potential of Barnaul to attract tourists. In 2015, in Barnaul the specialists have started to work on the project of the tourism cluster “Barnaul - the mining city.” The project is the reconstruction of the historic city center, in the territory of which it is planned to create a museum of melted silver, to restore Cathedral Square and adjacent streets, to renovate the Nagorny park and Demidovskaya Square, to build a convention and exhibition complex by the side of the Ob, and also to connect the Park of Central District with Gornaya chemist in one cultural and historical space.

Pavlovsky District: carrying on the traditions of the region,

its economy is focused on agriculture: there are enterprises of processed agricultural products and logging. The municipality actively develops poultry, including breeding ducks. The company “Chicken-Duck” of Pavlovsky District producing duck meat in 2015 has started to develop project of poultry complex construction. In the future, it will be a competitive company that will provide the Siberian Federal District high-quality product of consumer demand. Besides, there are the largest beet plantations in Pavlovsky District. This year, sugar beet crops occupy more than 22 thousand hectares. This is the “sweet” district – Pavlovsky, wh ere sugar beet is grown on the area of ​ 8000 hectares, and the only enterprise, which processes sugar, is Cheremnovsky sugar factory. Also Pavlovsky District takes care of leisure of residents and guests of Altai Krai. In the short term sports and fitness cluster should appear in Pavlovsk for residents of the district, and guests of Barnaul and the region. The following year new site can recieve thousands of holidaymakers.

About the industrial potential of Zarinsk

Zarinsk is one of the youngest and fastest growing industrial towns of the region. There are grain processing enterprise “Zarinsky elevator”, one of the largest regional processors of milk - the company “Holod”, “Zarinsky plant of reinforced concrete products” and producer of coking products - town-forming “Altaikoks.”

The town is famous for its well-developed electric power and high industrial potential in the chemical, heavy, light, food and processing industries and in the construction industry.

Availability of investment sites, free reserves for connection to energy sources from the town-forming enterprise, advantageous transportation and logistics position, rich resources of nearby areas and capacity of processing resources in the city do Zarinsk attractive business platform for the creation of new modern industries.

One of the largest Russian producers, representing the tanning industry, the group of companies “Russian Leather” plans to build a processing plant in Zarinsk. , A plan of measures on realization of the investment project are currently made taking into account existing instruments of federal and regional state support. Investment volume in the project is estimated at about 1 billion rubles. Production can be already started in 2017.

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