Ministry of Economic Development has developed strategy for the entrepreneurship in Russia up to 2030

Ministry of Economic Development has developed strategy for the entrepreneurship in Russia up to 2030

The order of the developing of the strategy has been given by the Government of the Russian Federation on the basis of decisions taken by the State Council concerning the development of small and medium businesses, in April 2015.

The working group was established for the development of the strategy project, which consists of representatives of leading business associations, interested federal executive bodies, the Fond of Development of Small Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere, “the Agency for Strategic Initiatives”, JSC “SME Bank”, JSC “the Corporation “SME”, the Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, the highest bodies of executive power of subjects of the Russian Federation and other organizations.

According to the developed document, the aim of the strategy is the development of small and medium businesses as one of the factors, on the one hand, innovative development and improving the economic structure, and on the other - social development and maintenance a stable high level of employment.

The key goals to achieve objectives of the strategy to 2030 are identified a number of ambitious tasks: to increase the turnover of SMEs by a factor of 2.5 in relation to 2014 at comparable prices (which would correspond to an increase in the share of small and medium enterprises in the gross domestic product of Russia is not less than 1.5, depending on the dynamics of the development of other sectors of the economy and the actions of macroeconomic factors); twofold increasing of labor productivity in the SME sector to 2014 at comparable prices; increasing the share of manufacturing of the SME sector to 20%; increasing of the share of employment in the SMEs in total employment to 35%.

To achieve these goals in the strategy project there are measures and support small and medium-sized businesses operations in the following areas: the center of support for small and medium-sized enterprises; market niches for business; technological development; available funding; predictable fiscal policy; high quality of state regulation; regional development; skilled personnel.

This project of the Government of the Russian Federation Order about approving of the strategy provides for the development of a detailed operation plan (“Roadmap”) on the implementation of the strategy up to 2017. At the moment the document is going through an agreement process with the federal executive bodies.

By the Department of Altai Krai for the development of entrepreneurship and market infrastructure

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