Altai Krai and Spain: points of contact

Altai Krai and Spain: points of contact

The Honorary Consul of Spain to the SFD Pablo Gastón Di Tata Francia visited the Agro-Industrial Forum “All-Russian Field Day” and held a series of meetings on the Altai land.

The representative of Spain was the participant of All-Russian Field Day for the first time. By the way, almost every region of Spain holds such agrifood events, where leading farm enterprises of the country demonstrate achievements in agriculture. According to the Honorary Consul of Spain, agriculture sector accounts for 17% of Spain's GDP. There are instruments of state support of private businesses, such as the leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment, easy-term loan for farmers. Agriculture - one of the most important areas for the Spanish economy.

Pablo Di Tata had several meetings with representatives of the executive authorities of the region to discuss cooperation not only in agriculture, but also in  bio-energy, food production, as well as the organization of cultural and tourist exchange. The Honorary Consul of Spain noted the great interest of the Spaniards to visit Altai Krai.

“We participate in the creation of cultural, humanitarian and economic activities, our work aims at the forming twinning relationships,” summed up the Honorary Consul of Spain to the SFD.

Information about the cooperation with Spain.

Spain - an important source of investment in the Russian economy, primarily in the production of automotive components, fuel and energy complex, agriculture, food processing, mining, textile industry. In agriculture one of the most promising areas for development are: supply of wine, olive oil (these positions are not affected by sanctions), technology transfer (greenhouse construction, irrigation), processing of agricultural products, the establishment of storage capacity.

Spain considers the Russian market as promising and it is interested to participate in investment projects on the territory of Russia to modernize and reconstruct existing facilities. The Russian Federation is for Spain as a promising market for textile and pharmaceutical industry, footwear, ceramic tiles, furniture, cosmetics, perfumes, wines, electrical appliances, sanitary equipment, food products.


By the Altai Centre of Investment and Development

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