Issues of creating new promising markets will be discussed at the Stolypin Conference in Altai Krai

Issues of creating new promising markets will be discussed at the Stolypin Conference in Altai Krai

Individual personalized nutrition, genomics of plants and animals, alternative sources of raw materials, precision farming and organic agriculture - these and other questions will be discussed at the section meeting “The potential of Russian regions for the development of FoodNet under the National Technology Initiative”, which will be held on 18th August under the VII Stolypin Conference “Siberia Regions: Opportunities for Economic Development.”

According to the Deputy Head of the Main Department of Economy and Investment of Altai Krai, the Head of the Department of Innovative Development and Cluster Policy Alexander Zhidkih, in the context of implementation of the state policy on the development of new promising markets that will be most significant in the world economy in 20 years’ time, experts estimated the possible formats of participation of the subjects of the Russian Federation in the National technology initiative (NTI). “The Krai has a competitive advantage for the successful implementation of measures to create the conditions for global technological leadership of Russia in the market of affordable high-quality food (FoodNet), was developed in the framework of the NTI. Through significant natural resources and high intellectual potential agriculture and processing industries are dominant in the structure of gross regional product of the region,” he noted.

In the interests of food security the Krai will focus on science and technology initiatives, the agrifood sector during 5-10 years. “On the basis of regional clusters interindustrial centers of technological competencies began to form in new areas such as biotechnology, deep processing of raw materials, precision farming systems, and rational use of natural resources. To develop the research base, we go into the issue of creation the Federal Agricultural Research Centre in Altai Krai,” said Alexander Zhidkih.

Production of environmentally friendly agricultural products, and the new generation of products for specialized nutrition - the basis of FoodNet program. Creating functional and personalized products - the main task of the scientific and technological order. Possibilities of its partial implementation built in the activity of the youth innovative creativity centers.

Background information. Breakout session will be held with the support of the Russian Venture Company and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, in partnership with the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia. Location: Conference Hall in Retail and Office Center “Prospect” (39, Prospect Lenina, Barnaul, Altai Krai).


By the Main Department of Economy and Investment of Altai Krai


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