Сrowdfunding platforms for social business

Сrowdfunding platforms for social business

In order to improve the effectiveness of subjects of social entrepreneurship Altai Center of Social Innovation and the Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter.ru will hold workshop “Сrowdfunding platforms for social business” on 27th and 28th October, 2016.

The first day of the event small and medium-sized businesses will learn the history of crowdfunding in Russia, will become familiar with best practices, learn how to use crowdfunding tools. The seminar will help to understand how to make the idea successful and to guaranteedly collect the necessary sum of money, to properly prepare s project, to film an effective video. Participants will analyze complex situations and ways out of them.

The second day of the seminar the ideas and projects of the audience will be considered and practical recommendations will be formed.

All participants will receive certificates of the Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter.ru.

Location: 195 Partizanskaya Street, Barnaul, “Altai Center of Social Innovation”.

The event starts at 11 a.m.

Participation in the seminar is free.

You can pre-register for the meeting by e-mail: aciss@bk.ru or tel.: 65-18-89, 65-19-81.

Background information. In recent years, in Russia, it has become more popular such financial instrument as crowdfunding.

The essence of this instrument is as follows: the person or organization, who needs financing of their project, submits an application to the crowdfunding company, provides information about the product. There is further a placement project on crowdfunding platform, as a rule, fundraising is through the Internet platform. At the stage of fundraising, the founder or, as it is called, founder, answers the questions of people and provides the additional requested information. People investing in a project are microinvestors, and accordingly, as some investor wants to get for their money any benefit. The crowdfunding includes two kinds of remuneration: it is a unique product (which is not yet on sale), or reward, measured in money terms, i.e. dividends. The last type is called crowdinvesting.

In the European and Western countries crowdfunding has long been popular, and the volume is in large excess over billions, that attracts the attention of major investment companies, as well as government departments. In Russia, he came much later. The first crowdfunding platform appeared in 2011.

According to statistics, the volume of crowdfunding market in Russia amounted to 100 million rubles in 2015, 228 projects have received the necessary funding.

The most prominent in Russia are crowdfunding platforms Boomstarter and Planeta, were launched in mid-2012. At the Boomstarter platform 2016 you can collect money for the project until complete success, without time limit. Commission fee from each successful project is 5% - the platform relies on funding from it.

Crowd-sites can accommodate a variety of start-up projects. For example, the popular type of micro-enterprises among founders became the production of eco-friendly natural foods. As a rule, additional funds are needed to authors of projects to purchase equipment, expand product range and production space, sales promotion.

Microinvestors for the financial contribution to the project are proposed the goods of their own production.

There are also high-tech projects for the social sphere at such crowdfunding platforms. One of such projects was the import-substituting start-up of serial production of bionic prosthetic hand of high functionality.

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