Rates applicable in Altai Krai for business needs as of 09.01.2013. (including VAT)

Water Supply*:
from 4.7 RUB/cubic m to 55.41 RUB/cubic m

from 8.50 RUB/cubic m to 58.45 RUB/cubic m 

Heat Supply*:
- For consumers obtaining heat at the manufacturers’ collectors: from 214.31 RUB/MMkcal to 4,048.3 RUB/MMkcal;
- For consumers paying for heat production and transfer: from 482.74 RUB/MMkcal to 2,884.90 RUB/MMkcal. 

Electric Power**: 
Average actual prices prevailing in July 2013 under electric power supply agreements (based on the statistical reporting form No. 46ЭЭ):

HV  from 2,151.31 to 4,133.96 RUB/thousand kWh  
MV1    from 2,721.48 to 3,352.98 RUB/thousand kWh
MV2  from 3,050.87 to 5,758.93 RUB/thousand kWh
LV  from 4,435.57 to 7,134.48 RUB/thousand kWh

Connection to the power grid: 
up to 15 kW - RUB 550 ***.

Standard rate of payment for connection to the power grid (exclusive of the investment component) 

Connected Power, kW  Voltage Level, kW  Rate of Payment, RUB/kWт ****
up to 150,4    from 328,98 to 1312,16
6-10    from 1016,33 to 1312,16
over 150,4    from 62,3 to 260,66
6-10    from 74,46 to 191,51
over 1500,4    from 14,04 to 98,53
6-10    from 31,39 to 84,96
over 6700,4    12,86
6-10    6,02

* - subject to the municipal entity and the resource provider
** - subject to the guaranteed supply company, price bracket and maximum power of energy consuming devices
*** - provided that the distance from the applicant’s plot boundaries to the grid operator’s transmission facilities of the supply line voltage necessary to the applicant is maximum 300 meters in cities, towns and urban-type settlements and maximum meters in rural areas
**** - subject to the grid operator
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